Bisanne is a conversion from the Richard Burns Rally game, which in my opinion is one of the best stages that was in RBR, mainly for the amount of hairpins in it!

The conversion to rFactor includes 3 versions of the stage. A dry version, a wet version and a shakedown version which supports up to 15 AI. I’ve not tried the shakedown version yet but in the readme file it warns that AI cars may be driving towards you!

Overall it’s a good conversion, does need pace notes as it is a demanding stage but for now why not utilise the shakedown and write your own then ask someone to be your co-driver!



Download Bisanne from Driving Italia


Even more cars are now available for Rally World as they have announced the Mitsubishi Evo I and Evo II are now available to download to their great mod!

Check them out now by visiting the Rally World site here

One thing to note, make sure your Rally World installation is fully up-to date otherwise the cars won’t load!! As I found out yesterday, once I have that fixed I’ll upload some shots of the cars in action!

The biggest rallying mod for rFactor, Rally World has moved to a new site and recently they have added a few new downloadable cars to the mod including the Nissan Almera kitcar, Lada VFTs and a rally RAID category, so if you have been enjoying this years Dakar rally you can now through these beasts around the tracks!


Also Rally World have launched their first premium car, the Subaru BRZ GT300 Hillclimb car which is available to donators of the site. It’s clear a lot of work goes into each mod and minimum donations are only €3 so why not, you get a great car and help support a great mod!

Visit the new site now to download the cars

Hungarian Rally Track – Salgo Rally, Kisterenye (Loop Track)

Surface: 10% Gravel – 90% Tarmac
Lenght: 9.8km (1 Loop) / 14.95km (2 loop)

This track is a point to point track but there is a turning during the last chicane to loop back to just after the start to continue the stage.

Its a fun multi-surface stage with some great tight turns for some handbrake fun. Car set up is tricky as there is gravel and tarmac and whilst the gravel section is short its also very narrow so no mistakes!

Download the track