Rally World 4.0

The daddy of rFactor rally mods! If you want a huge selection of rally cars to choose from, then this is your mod!

Rally World 4.0 contains cars from various WRC years and also different types of car. Want a S1600? You have a choice of several, an R2? R3? got them too! Seriously they are amazing, and most cars have a choice of pain schemes and choice between dirt and asphalt tyres.

The car models look great, and so do the interiors, sounds are decent and the handling is fun. The default set-up to the cars do make them oversteer quite a bit, even in the FR cars so these do seem a bit wrong at first but for a mod which has over 100 cars, you can’t expect everything to be perfect.

To download go to http://www.rallyworldmod.com/. The site is in Spanish  so I recommend using a browser like Google Chrome to view the pages in so it translates automatically.

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